Our Expertise

Vectio's strength comes from its staff experiences, which range across clients in all areas of the transportation sector from private developers, hospitals, Local Authorities, architects, agents, funding bodies and planning consultants amongst various other clients.

Transport Planning

Transport planning involves the appraisal, assessment and design of transport related facilities and measures. This generally relates to the highway network and its users, such as pedestrians, vehicles, bicycles and public transport facilities.

Vectio provides a vast array of transport planning services ranging from the preparation of technical reports supporting planning applications, junction capacity modelling and travel plans etc.

Highway Advice / Design

The design of roads is an area of highway engineering relating to the type and positioning of physical infrastructure within the highway, considering various constraints and in accordance with various policies and standards.

The basic objectives in geometric design is to create efficient safe infrastructure, fit for purpose for its users, whilst minimising cost and impacts associated with the surrounding environment.

Vectio is professionally experienced in undertaking the preliminary design of junctions and associated assessments / audits.

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